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Laura Escudé Finds Creativity Through Routine

Laura Escudé Finds Creativity Through Routine

There's no shortage of projects to work on for artist, music producer, performer, and live show programmer/designer Laura Escudé. From the creative hustle in the studio, to dynamic collaborations on and off stage, Laura finds balance through her self-care routine. She walks us through the power of affirmation, being in tune with herself, and how crucial self-love is to her creativity.

What does self-love mean to you, and how do you show yourself love? 

Self-love to me means remembering that I am amazing and worthy and awesome. Every step of every day, when I find myself falling into those thought traps of not thinking that I'm enough, I try to remember that those are just thought loops that have been plaguing me for my entire life. And a lot of us have these thought loops that are ingrained since we were children. So I just try to reframe the thought loops that happen. And remember that I'm a beautiful, amazing, special person. I have different phrases and words that I use to kind of get myself out of those patterns. And they happen less than they used to. So that's really cool.

Is self-care important to you and your creativity? What does self-care look like for you?

Self-care is definitely important for my creativity. I think back to before I really knew about self-care, when I would run myself into the ground and would burn the candle at both ends.  My creativity has definitely been elevated since I started taking better care of myself. Resting more, not just going all the time and pushing myself, while doing things like meditation, yoga, exercise, has really helped contribute to a better state of being, so that I can be more creative.

Do you have any regular routines or rituals that help you ease into your work? Or that make you feel better?

I have an epic morning routine. If I don't do the morning routine, I definitely feel it. So I try to do it as much as possible. I usually like to wake up and meditate. I like to do a Joe Dispenza meditation, he’s an incredible person to meditate with. He's got a very soothing voice, and he has these meditations on visualizing your future self. I tend to do a lot of visualization exercises because it helps me to get into the frame of mind and to see myself where I would like to be, and see my future self rather than dwelling on my past self. 

I listen to meditations and affirmations on Spotify. In the morning I put my phone away so I don't check my phone, but I do use my Alexa to get around checking my phone, which has been really helpful. I find that if I check my phone, it'll just go downhill. Meditation, affirmations, and then mantras. If I'm doing the full morning routine, then I'll do some different mantras I've been exploring, I express with my voice more, and that feels really healing and really good to me.

Then I'll get into some yoga and exercise and then start my day. That's generally my morning routine. And then at night, I have like a wind down routine where I’ll take a bath, listen to another Joe Dispenza meditation, or read a book and just try to get my eyes off the screen before I go to bed so I can get a good night’s sleep.

How long did it kind of take you to get into this routine? How and when did you realize that this was important to the process?

I think probably five years ago. I had a pretty massive health breakdown and I just realized that I had to start taking care of myself a little bit better. Since then I've been practicing some form of my routine. I'm not perfect, there's some days that I don't do it, but I really feel it afterwards. And I feel it if I don’t do my routine. So it's really important for me to do it and to follow it. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in finding time or a practice for self-care and self love? 

Probably letting my day run away with me. If I don't plan for it, or if I look at my phone, or just react to things, then a lot of self-care falls by the wayside. So I try to like, just be really focused with what I have to do, and with my time, so that I can continue to be a part of my day. 

How do you recharge your creative energy? How do you maintain your focus?

When I do my routines, I take breaks and do little meditations throughout the day. Taking breaks from the screens always helps me recharge, come back, and be better.

Seeing friends and family helps. I've been doing more dance and movement. Not even caring what I look like, but jus moving to different random types of songs. And depending on what mood I'm in, getting out in the sun is really important for me. Getting the sunlight on my skin, at least for a few minutes per day definitely helps me feel better, and helps me feel more alive. 

I'll do walking meditations where I'll go out and say “there’s a tree, what does the tree look like? What are the leaves in the tree like? What color are they?” I'll also walk and talk to someone or I'll be listening to a podcast or something like that. I think taking the time to be without our devices and observing what's around is really helpful for me.

How do you overcome burnout? What does healing look like for you?

I double down on the self-care practices. I find that when I do feel burned out, I ask myself “Am I doing my morning and evening routines? Am I on my phone right before I get into bed? Am I not taking breaks during the middle of the day?” Luckily, I've crafted my life and scheduled it to be a lot more relaxed than it used to be. I have the time to take breaks now. Whereas before I just couldn't ever imagine taking a break. Now I notice when I'm feeling anxious or antsy, and then I just try to take some time away.

How does burnout kind of affect your creativity and your productivity?

Burnout makes me feel like I don't want to do anything at all. I don’t want to be creative, and don’t want to do anything. It’s really not fun. It's much more fun to be inspired and creative and to be working on projects. So try not to let myself get to that level anymore, like I used to.

How has Off Grid helped you achieve your creative or productive goals?

I definitely have felt this mental strength after I take it that helps me get through the rest of my day. If I'm feeling a bit tired, or like I don't want to do something, it has helped to elevate my mood, and help me get to a place where I feel like I can crush the rest of the day. It’s been really exciting for me to be able to witness that. I’ve been more in tune with how I feel.  I'm very sensitive to my brain chemistry. I feel like it's very subtle, but also a powerful CBD blend that I'm enjoying.

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