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Lila Rose Overcomes Burnout By Slowing Down

Lila Rose Overcomes Burnout By Slowing Down

Lila Rose does it all. As a singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, teacher, activist, nature therapy guide, and podcast host, maintaining a self-care routine is crucial to her creativity. From recharging her creative energy, taking regular outdoor breaks, to overcoming burnout, Lila unravels what self-love means to her.

What does self-love mean to you and how do you show yourself love? 

Taking care of myself, which really comes down to balance. Balancing work with play, balancing activity with gentle time. Self love is just continuing to drop in and be willing to really listen to what my body, my mind, and my heart are requesting of me. And as long as that communication, that line of communication is clear, and as long as I respect what I'm hearing, that is self love, for me,

Is self-care important to you and your productivity? What does self-care look like for you?

Yeah, it is. It's taken me 30 years to figure it out. I did not used to include self care into my productivity routine, which created pretty severe burnout, burnout I'm recovering from now. I'm really just learning about how self care creates productivity. But I would say productivity comes down to being able to sustain whatever it is that we're up to. So I think that self care promotes productivity in that way, giving us that recoup time to be able to go out and be excited, and have energy to do those things. 

I'm still learning every day what self-care looks like. Being gentle in the discovery process is big. I’m thinking about last night as an example. I had gotten a lot of work done yesterday, and I had time to unwind last night. I sat there and thought, “what do I do?” What are my practices? A really easy go-to where there's not much thinking required is a bath. It feels good to my body, I can relax, I can read a book. I can even watch a movie there. But I know that that's a way that my body can unwind. I've been doing a lot of baths in the last six months to a year as I've been repairing my burnout, and discovering what self care looks like.

Going outdoors has been big for me, especially in this digital age where we're just constantly on the computer, on Zoom, or Google all day. I make sure to go outside. Either walking outdoors or gardening. That's been a huge practice for me, getting that Vitamin D. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in finding time or a practice for self-care and self love? 

At this point I'm not I'm not struggling to find time for self-care. I was forced into finding that time because of the burnout I was experiencing. For me, the limitation is just in understanding what actual practices look like. So for me, it’s listening to what my body is telling me. For instance, I’m feeling really tense on my shoulders. I should probably take a little break since I've been online doing meetings since 7:15am. I think to myself, “I should take a break and do some yoga. I'm going outdoors.” 

How do you recharge your creative or productive energy? How do you maintain your focus?

Social time, spending time with friends has become more important than ever. Having social time is super important, and a large part of that recharge. Making sure that I’m getting outside time, not just once a day but as a part of the daily routine. Waking up with the sun and walking first thing in the morning. I walk throughout the day and take breaks to be outside. I need to weave that into productivity, otherwise I won't do it. 

Tending to and watering the garden, moving things around. In terms of the creative energy, I have found other ways of expressing my creativity through these activities, which has been so fun. Recovering from burnout makes me not want to be in the studio making music as much or in the same way that I used to. Working on the design of the garden helps. I also guide these cannabis experiences, and being outdoors is the entire experience. Looking after the land here, and creating the most optimal experience for people forces me to get outside and create the most ideal circumstances. 

How does burnout affect your routine?

Burnout affects me in so many ways. It took me a year of not having a schedule to understand. Now I'm on a very tight schedule because I am healing from severe insomnia. My schedule is very, very precise. I do think that I'm coming out the other end of the burnout. For me, burnout lined up with COVID, I'm sure it was the same for a lot of people. It forced me to put the brakes on, life was burning me out. It was just a continued slow down. If I caught myself spinning my wheels or focusing on productivity, I would have to stop myself and say, “Slow down. Walk away. You know how to create new habits.” Now that I'm coming out of the other end, I am excited about being productive again. That feels good, but I continue to stop myself when I need to.

I dropped a statue on my foot yesterday, and I am already dealing with something else with my other foot. Now both of my feet are injured at the moment. And that's just another indication to slow down, watch where you're going. One step at a time, and don't move too fast.

How do you overcome physical pain? What does healing look like for you?

I think it comes down to patience and whatever standard practices you may have. It depends on the injury. It's different if it’s chiropractic, if it's acupuncture, if it's physical therapy. Doing those practices, working out every day, or five days a week is crucial. But if there's an injury, I think that it really comes down to patience. That's how we do the most repair. And that's the hardest part. I'm gonna call my insomnia an injury. An injury to one of the most important elements of our health. Having that injury makes me want to just fucking scream sometimes. But you have to continue to trust that the healing will happen one step at a time, and to be really gentle. That is self-care. It's the hardest time when there's some kind of injury, and yet the most important time for us to just be really generous with ourselves. That’s where a self-care routine helps.

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