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Mind & Body

CBG 500mgs : CBD 500mgs : CBC 500mgs
1500 Total Cannabinoids

(CBG:CBD:CBC 1:1:1)

The Off-Grid Mind & Body was formulated as a holistic treatment to soothe the mind and body. This product incorporates multiple different cannabinoids to address multiple different areas of concern in the mind and body and bring balance. Specifically, CBD is included to help calm the mind while CBG is incorporated to help the mind focus as well as heal the body. Finally, CBC is included to help heal the body by targeting a completely different set of actions within the body's immune system. Life is a balance and we aim to maintain that balance with natural products from the earth.

All Off-Grid Blends are formulated with (MCT) oil and minor cannabinoids to provide 1500mg in each tincture. These drops provide an all-natural wellness option, and the graduated dropper delivers precise individualized dosing. For best results use daily. 

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