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How do you produce cannabinoids?
Lygos has a technology platform using yeast fermentation to produce individual cannabinoids at a predetermined scale.


Are the cannabinoids produced by lygos different from those produced by the cannabis plant?
No, the cannabinoids produced have the same molecular structure as the plant molecule.


What forms do cannabinoids come in?
Powder, oil, capsules, edibles (Gummies), creams (Topicals).


Are your products tested?
Yes, no heavy metals or pesticides are used in the process.


Do you provide samples?
We sell 10-100 gram samples. Call for pricing.





Q1: What are “minor” cannabinoids?
Off Grid A: “Minor” cannabinoids are the compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plant. It is believed the minors have uniquely different wellness benefits by engaging with the endocannabinoid system. Minor cannabinoids naturally occur in small quantities in the plant with the largest production being CBD and THC. Cannabinoids also can be derived from citrus terpenes, and from yeast cells.


Q2:  How do I get Free Shipping?
Off Grid A: We offer free U.S. shipping on orders of $100 or more (before tax) and free international shipping on orders of $250 or more (before tax).


Q3: When will my order arrive? Where is my order?
Off Grid A: When you place an order, you receive a confirmation email.You will also receive a tracking link to see where your order is, and when it will arrive.


Q4: Do you have a batch number?

Off Grid A: Yes, all our products have a QR code linking to the lab results.


Q5: How do I use the Tincture?

Off Grid A: A tincture can be used in several different ways. We recommend that you fill a dropper with the oil and place it directly under the tongue for apprimentlly 30 seconds before swallowing. This time allows the product to absorb into the many blood vessels in your mouth improving product delivery. It is also possible to mix the tincture into other food or beverages. The base oil is high purity coconut oil so you can mix this with any other oil based food such as a pesto sauce, peanut butter, butter, etc.


Q6: Are your products tested?

Off Grid A: Yes, all our products are third party lab tested prior to manufacturing to verify the contents on the label.


Q7:How do I apply for wholesale, so I can resell your product in my store?
Off Grid A: We appreciate your interest in our products. Click here for the Wholesale Registration link, and apply so we can get to know you and your company better.



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