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Natural products have been and will continue to be vital sources of medicines and supplements. The majority of life saving pharmaceutical products on the market are derived from natural products. Here at Off-Grid we aim to unlock the therapeutic potential of nature by identifying new natural products that have benefits for our everyday life.

Working in parallel with academic research over several years we have focused on the beneficial properties of natural phytocannabinoids. A phytocannabinoid is any molecule, found in plants, that interacts with a physiological system in the human body called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS can be compared to the central nervous system or the cardiovascular system. The ECS contains a wide range of “biological targets” that affect a wide range of physiological properties. Any compound found in a plant that interacts with the ECS can be classified as a phytocannabinoid.

There are many phytocannabinoids found in plants such as liverworts but the most well known and popular phytocannabinoid producing plant is the Cannabis plant (marjuana or hemp). The cannabis plant is a highly diverse chemical factory producing more than 100 phytocannabinoids. Although these cannabinoids can look similar on paper the slight differences in the compounds give rise to dramatically different experiences. At Off-Grid we are embracing this chemical diversity and understanding it. When we can understand how nature makes these compounds, then we can get access to the compounds. Once we have access we can start to understand how each compound can be used for various applications. This access also allows us to create highly unique formulations based on natural phytocannabinoids to get a desired effect. The more we explore the more we learn. The more we learn the more formulations we launch.

Off-Grid’s blends are uniquely formulated to enhance everyday activities. We focus on rare natural products and their ability to supplement our daily lives. Using an evidence based approach we formulate precise ratios of natural products using cannabinoid Isolates to provide a highly consistent user experience. Life is full of balance, and “Off Grid Tinctures” are with you for the journey of new discovery. Come and be a part of the Off-Grid community, learn with us, send us your feedback, your ideas could be the next formulation.

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