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Tinctures are sublingual products held in the mouth and then swallowed. It is best to place a tincture under the tongue for a moment before swallowing. The mouth, specifically under the tongue, is packed full of small blood vessels. These rivers of life provide a quick way for the cannabinoids to act. Swallowing the tincture is a fine way of using the product too. For those targeting gut health that is the preferred method. Bioavailability, what cannabinoid actually makes it to your bloodstream, can change on how you use the product so it is something to keep in mind when starting. When starting, we at Off-Grid, always assume we have the highest absorption. That means start small and increase - as my barber said, it's easier to take off more hair than tape it back on. The same is true for cannabinoids, but opposite - it's easier to add more than to take it away.


What does this all mean to you? It'll take time for you to figure our your dosage. You are you and not someone else, so it will take a little effort. Once you spend the time to figure it out, you will be in a great position to use the Off-Grid products as they are designed. For all Off-Grid products, we recommend starting at ½ dropper of 0.5mL which is around 10mg of the active cannabinoid. If no effect is seen right away, we recommend trying at least 2-3 times before moving to high dosages. We do not recommend consuming more than 10mg cannabinoid/kilogram of body weight per day, that is a lot (half a standard bottle for the average American woman). Go small and build up over time. Try a half dosage, then a full dosage, then a double dosage.




The tinctures are very pure and simple bases for the improvement of your lifestyle. Everyone is different and some may want to do more with our product. We encourage innovation and want to help you be you. The tinctures can be mixed into food. Since they are oil based they work the best with “oily” products. This means pesto, peanut butter, some drinks, butter/baking, and many other things that your mind can think of. The general rule is that if butter can be used, so can the tincture. This provides you with nearly infinite opportunity to explore and create. Our tinctures can be mixed together or mixed with other ingredients. Feel free to contact Off-Grid with your ideas. It takes a village to make the perfect cannabinoid blend….and each village member will have their own blend. Welcome to Off-Grid, we may all be on the grid but we are all a little OFF.

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