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CBG 750mgs : CBC 750mgs
1500 Total Cannabinoids


The Off-Grid Strength blend was formulated to give you a boost before and during an active day.  The precision ratio of cannabinoids is designed for the specific purpose of increasing energy and helping protect your body during activities where you need both mental and physical strength. The CBG is added to provide you with the strength of mind to accomplish the goals you want. CBC is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which is included as a protective measure to help heal your body in the event that your strong activity takes your body a little further than anticipated. Be prepared to get strong.

 All Off-Grid Blends are formulated with (MCT) oil and minor cannabinoids to provide 1500mg in each tincture. These drops provide an all-natural wellness option, and the graduated dropper delivers precise individualized dosing. For best results use daily. 

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